Making Social Media Work For You

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Social media is not the problem, but the way we’ve allowed it to control us is. I learned this the hard way after I gave birth to my boys and sat in New Zealand breastfeeding all hours of the day and night and seeing everyone’s highlight reels from their lives in an endless stream on social platforms.  

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Adding Babies To Your Business Plan

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In September 2015, I launched Nudge, my communications advisory with a solid business plan template, the optimism of a 28-year-old, a few thousand in my bank account and my future in front of me. Well, I had what I thought was a solid business plan, a marketing strategy and a rough idea about how I wanted to run the business.

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Getting My Post Baby Skin To Glow

Post Baby Skin, Beach, Natural, No Make Up

Pregnancy glow is a real thing, but as soon as you give birth it slowly starts to fade away. When you hit month 4, the hair loss sets in. It’s a slippery slope from being fresh-faced to well, haggard. Post-baby skin is no joke! And it’s not just changing skin it’s morphed into something new completely –

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How I Save For My Big Ticket Items

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I love making money, I love saving my hard earned money but most of all I love spending my money. My life doesn’t revolve around designer handbags, shoes and materialistic things but it sure does help me sleep peacefully at night knowing I’m on top of my financial targets for my business and life.

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Loving My Post Baby Body

Femme Body, Active Wear, Singlet, Fitness

The saying goes; nine months in, nine months out. But I didn’t want to hear it. I was bombarded with messages from magazines telling me to get bikini ready, and if it wasn’t them, it was the social media posts of women who had bounced back two weeks after giving birth.

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Why Feminine Communication Is The Key To Business Success

I'm Anna Roberts

Happy International Women’s Day! I’ve had a few thoughts on where have been able to make progress empowering women. In particular in the workplace it’s focused solely on encouraging women to ‘Lean In’ to the boardroom table, without recognising what men can learn from women. I love my research, and one in gender studies known as the Athena Doctrine has highlighted a set of desirable traits for today’s business leaders that have been identified as feminine;

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