3 Books to Read This Summer If You Want to Improve Yourself

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Summer gives me the space I need to get my head in order after a hectic few months! I had plans at the start of the year to read a book a month, that fell by the wayside, and now we’ve moved house, and I’ve been back on the radio for a few months (check out some BTS on Instagram) I feel like I’m on top of things! With that, I recorded an excellent podcast episode with someone I admire and make time for, Iman Ben Chaibah. She’s a book lover, an introvert and leads the way for Arabic language publishing for our generation. Iman and I sat down in her offices, and she shared with me her must-reads for summer 2018, we had such a laugh recording the episode, and she’s rounded up a few great titles to get stuck in and make the change you’ve wanted to this year.

Iman and I both appreciate uncrowded spaces and I found the perfect hideaway in the Heart of Sharjah, Fen Cafe at the Sharjah Art Foundation. The gorgeous pictures below were taken on a summers morning, trying an Iced Obae (thats the purple drink) and exploring the hidden alleyways in the old part of the city. Pop on some sneakers, a cool flowing dress like mine here from Nisnass and get lost in the beauty of your surroundings.

To listen to the podcast and catch all my episodes, click here for Apple Podcasts or listen on Soundcloud.

Orange Summer Dress 2018

Purple Drink Orange Dress Cropped

Full Body Orange Dress Summer

Sunlight on Orange Dress
Dress nisnass.ae Shot on location at Fen Cafe, Sharjah Art Foundation.

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