3 Ways to Write an Effective Out of Office Message

It’s that time of year when over the course of three months or so you start to receive out-of-office messages periodically, and you count down the days until you can switch yours on yourself. But, rather than just think of it as something to state how long you’re gone for and what alternative contact there might be, make good use of that auto response with these ideas.

  • Get social

We’re in the age of social media, and in one way or another, we’re trying to amplify our social media presence. Have you considered how your out-of-office message can help you accomplish that? Try this.

Hi! I’m out of the office, but my Twitter game is still going strong. I’m always tweeting simple ways you can be the boss of your business and life. So, until I’m back at my desk, won’t you follow me twitter.com/imannaroberts?

Regardless, I’ll get back to your email as soon as I can upon returning to my desk on August 17.

  • Try delegating

Sometimes, your position can’t go without being covered, so you need to have someone that queries can go to in your absence. When this happens, keep it straightforward and professional by telling people what date you’ll return as well as who they can contact in your absence. But, if your situation is a bit less formal, you can also have some fun!

Hi! I’m out of the office until Sunday, August 27. If your message is urgent, please reach out to the lovely and talented support team at academy@thenudgeeffect.com. If you have a content creation query, contact info@imannaroberts.com to reach the hard working creative director. Just make sure your proposal is juicy, we don’t do #basic!

  • Content push

If you write, podcast or vlog, then you’ve got content you should be promoting. Could you use your out-of-office message to make anyone who reaches out to you aware of it?

Hi there! Thanks for getting in touch. I am out of the office until (insert date) with limited access to email. In the mean time, I’ve left you with some helpful tips to read and share to help you be the boss of your business and life!

I’m looking forward to connecting with you when I return!

If you’re unsure of exactly how carried away to get with your message, here are a few simple rules you should always follow.

  • What is your company’s policy on out-of-office messages? Least of all, check in with your supervisor and have your message approved in advance.
  • Don’t reveal too much. Strangers, spammers or even scammers could see your auto-reply. Keep that in mind before you tell the world your house is vacant.
  • Do remain professional. If you send formal emails during your working hours, don’t create an informal out-of-office email for your downtime.
  • Don’t make spelling mistakes. Check your message with a tool like grammarly.com
  • Do consider a message rule. Depending on how you usually operate why not create a message rule where your auto-reply goes out on the second message from the same person. You won’t be over sharing your status with spammers or colleagues who don’t care that you’re away.

Have a great holiday!

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