5 Ways To Set Business Boundaries

100 hour weeks, the hustle, being part of the 30 under 30 crowd or just trying to be noticed by your terrible but in-charge manager can feel like you’re constantly in an episode of Ninja Warrior and you’re never going to push that damn buzzer. Burnout, which I’ve experienced, comes in all shapes and sizes and affects everyone differently. It’s one of the main reasons I went into business on my own and why I coach clients to speak up and define what their non-negotiables are in their own life through Nudge.

Here are my five easy ways to find balance and set better boundaries in the age of burn-out.

1. You are in control of the hours that you work

If you choose to respond to an email at 11 pm, that’s on you. Over time, you will condition those around you to expect it, and they will consider it abnormal if you don’t respond. With that, every job has it’s difficult periods where long hours may be normal. Know your boundaries, and make smart choices.

2. Can’t say no? Try this.

When you receive a task from your boss that you know you can’t complete to the best of your abilities, put it back on them and test their leadership skills but asking “I can get that done, provided I delay this other project. Which one is a priority?”

3. Ask for help

No one can assist you if they don’t know that you’re struggling. Speak up and make sure your boss knows that you are snowed under and need some assistance along with colleagues. By reversal, you must also offer to help if you see colleagues struggling too. Check and see if you can extend this to life admin by outsourcing tasks like cleaning, laundry or house maintenance to a company.

4. Tech free time

Have you considered letting your boss or colleagues know that you’re available to speak with in person or over the phone at certain times of the day, rather than be contacted by email? It’ll help you forge greater relationships with those you work with and allow you to have a break from being completely focused on technology.

5. Self-care should be a priority

If you don’t prioritise yourself, no one else will. Schedule time for exercise, meditation, pamper treatments or even just to catch up with friends in the week so that you can reconnect to what matters in life. When you are kind to yourself, you’re good to those around you.


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