5 Ways to Spoil A New Twin Mum

I’ve been overwhelmed with the love and support my family has received over the last month with the arrival of our twin boys, and it really dawned on me for the first time how having a baby, or babies in my case, is such a life-changing experience and requires some really unique care from those around you. I thought I’d share with you some of the beautiful and thoughtful ways I’ve had support over the last month in the hopes that you’ll feel inspired to care for new mums in the future.

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  • Flowers – These never go amiss in the hospital or to arrive home to! Having some lovely bouquets of seasonal blooms in the days after giving birth was a luxury when you’re in a bleak hospital room for over week. I love the ones I received from Wild Poppies in New Zealand, but I’ve got to shout out to Florette in the UAE, who I’ve been following on Instagram for a while for their beautiful work. It’s easy to send flowers from anywhere in the world these days so no excuses!
  • Food – Hospital food, need I say more? It was a treat to have tasty and nourishing home cooking food when I was in hospital. You need to be eating well if you’re going to be breastfeeding and for your body to heal and the only way to do that while you’re resting is to feed your body right. When you’re home as well having someone pop over with a lasagna, pot of soup or afternoon is such a treat as your focus is on your newborn, so you need someone to be thinking of you!
  • A short message or call – Just getting a message asking how I was and that someone was thinking of me has made the lows not so bad and being inside with prem babies means a Skype call made me feel like I was still connected with the outside world! It doesn’t take much just to drop a message or whats app asking how the new mum is and that she’s being thought of, without bombarding her with questions she might not have time to answer or to jump on Skype with someone knowing that they just want to vent and hear about some gossip!
  • Treats – I have been spoilt lately with friends dropping off aromatherapy oils, lovely smelly stuff life body wash, organic almond oil for baby massage and postnatal skin treatment as well as a super relaxing home massage treatment from Bella Mama so I didn’t have to leave the house and could work around feedings. It is the little things that count for so much in the early days of having a newborn so don’t overthink things if you are looking for a gift for a new Mum.
  • Pop over but be useful – If you are planning a visit, there are a few golden rules to follow. First, check with the new mum if she’s up to having visitors and don’t think of visiting if you’re feeling unwell. Secondly, work around her schedule and the feeding times. Third, ask if she wants anything picked up on the way or brought over. Fourth, bring something with you (see above for inspiration!) Fifth, wash your hands before you pick up the baby if you’re offered the opportunity. Some Mums can be protective, and others may have just got the baby settled so use your head and tread cautiously.



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