9 Pieces of Home Furniture You Shouldn’t Splurge On

(Article http://www.vogue.com/slideshow/13429035/how-to-save-money-home-decor/)

The lists of “investment pieces” (think a classic sofa and a high-quality mattress) seem to endlessly expand across every item in your home, thankfully there is hope yet for savvy spenders.

Here, nine areas of home decor where wallet-friendly options are not only a possible solution, but indeed the preferable one.

1 Everyday China

Routine isn’t always glamorous, but it can still be chic.

2 Dining Chairs


Consider comfort and aesthetic, but since you’re dealing with multiples, leave the serious seating investments to statement pieces and those in which you spend lengthy amounts of time.

3 Decorative Accents

Ornamental flourishes (looking at you, throw pillows) can carry exorbitant price tags. When stunning options are available without the sticker shock, switching them up from time to time is all the more fun.

4 Indoor Greenery

Until you’ve got your natural-light-to-green-thumb ratio perfected, it’s best not to spring for a full-size, finicky fiddle leaf fig.

5 Stemware

Low-budget barware options look just as clean and classic as pricier options and definitely hurt less when guests inevitably break a few.

6 Mirrors

Between flea markets, flash sites, and antique shops, it’s easy to find a unique, secondhand pièce de résistance.

7 Kitchen and Dining Linens

Napkins, tablecloths, tea towels, and the like take a beating. Aside from formal occasions, nothing too precious is practical.

8 Throw Rugs

Heavy foot traffic yields heavy wear and tear. For room-filling rugs, it’s worth spending more on materials that will stand the test of time, but for a smaller decorative or accent rug, save your pennies.

9 Anything Trendy

Trends date homes. Keep them to easy accent pieces that can be swapped around and switched up with the times.


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