Ben & Jerry’s Feminist Flavours

On a hot summers day, rare in England where I am at the moment but anything over 20 degrees celsius means it’s a heatwave, nothing gets you through a day like a good old 99p flake! Even though inflation means you now pay close to 3 quid it reminded me of an awesome article I saw last year in the Huffington Post.

It profiled writer and producer Amanda McCall who created 10 new fantasy names for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors that cleverly include the names of powerful women. Some of the genius flavors include CaramEllen DeGeneres Fudge, S’moria Steinem and, our personal favorite, Sonya SotomayOreo Mint Cookie.

McCall told The Huffington Post she loves Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and eats it almost every day, but she’s disappointed in the lack of gender diversity in the company’s flavor namesakes. “Ben & Jerry’s are two guys and all their current flavors (except the Liz Lemon Greek Yogurt flavor — which is basically a diet yogurt health food — not an ice cream) are ‘inspired’ by guys,” she said.

“Neither my boyfriend nor any of my guy friends understand the deep connection my female friends and I have to ice cream,” McCall said. “Many of my single female friends joke that they’re dating Ben and Jerry and it’s the best relationship they’ve ever been in because they are clearly the only men who understand our needs.”

Ben & Jerry’s has created almost 20 flavors honoring celebrities and only three were named after women. Some of the male celebrities who have inspired flavors include Elton John (Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road), Stephen Colbert (Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream) and all-male rock band Phish (Phish Food). The flavors are generally limited editions and are only sold for a period of time.

The two flavors named after famous women, besides the Liz Lemon-inspired yogurt, are 2010’s Maple Blondie after Olympic snowboarder Hanna Teter and 2014’s Gilly’s Catastrophic Crunch after Kristin Wiig’s SNL character Gilly.

Check out McCall’s awesome feminist Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors below.

gloria steinem
mindy kaling


sonya sotomayer


ellen degeneres

venus and serena

hillary clinton


sheryl sandberg


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