How To Say No, Nicely

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It’s one of the most liberating words I’m learning to use in business and life, primarily as an adult. No. Two letters and a whole lot of power comes with saying no. Knowing how to to use the word can be tricky however when you’re saying no to people you love and respect,

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The Business of Bras with Kate Kikano

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Pregnancy is a time of change, and when you look at statistics; up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, you need all the support you can get! When it comes to the best maternity bras and the best nursing bras the cup runneth over with choices at TKD Lingerie,

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How to Handle a Copycat

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Ughhhhh, I know. Imitation is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery, but having someone copy or steal your work can not only annoy the hell out of you it’s illegal in some cases. But, there’s always the question of, do they think of my work in admiration or is it just blatant duplication?

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Why I Love Online Courses

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For years I’ve loved taking courses online; from business and marketing through to 21-day self-improvement and more recently, photography with City Varsity. There are so many classes and experts to choose from and now that I’ve launched my very own Nudge Academy I wanted to share the benefits with you. Here are my five reasons why I love learning online,

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The September New Year

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Yes, I know we’re over half way through the year, but in Dubai, I always feel like there’s this sense of a new beginning when everyone is back from the summer, and this is the perfect time to reassess your goals for the last four months of the year! I’ve got loads I want to achieve before we welcome in 2018,

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Why Stage Fright Is Your New Best Friend

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Public speaking gets a bad wrap. The first time you were probably invited to address an audience would have been in your early years in school at ‘show and tell’. You’re asked by the teacher to bring in something interesting to the class and tell them about it. Easy enough, right?

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Fear And Anxiety Are Killing Your Career

I’ve recently been working with a lot of clients through my coaching practice at Nudge, who are struggling to deal with Imposter Syndrome; “the inadequacy that people feel in the workplace, even if they are entirely able to fill a position successfully.”
There are studies that show that it’s most prominent in high-achieving women,

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What’s Really Happening With Your Food

Before I start this post, I’m going to be completely transparent myself. I actively reached out to Spinneys with my questions and they were more than obliging to answer and invite me in store to show me around. I did not receive any payment or discounts.
I’ve mentioned before that since becoming pregnant,

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