Exactly How to Get A Workout In On Your Busiest Day

You and I both know we should be exercising daily. But MAKING time to go to the gym and BUDGETING can make you feel guilty if you feel like you’re taking away resources that you could be using for your business.

That’s why I’ve put together my secrets to SAVE your business money, boost productivity and network like a boss with my three ways to get fit, without paying for a gym membership.

We know exercise helps you improve all aspects of your life, including work and energy levels and with that in mind, there’s no better place to start than INNERFIGHT.com and their FREE daily workouts.

It’s aimed toward those of us who are “physically active” and have some experience in working out in a CrossFit environment. The workouts are designed to be done in a gym, plus there’s a whole load of healthy food recipes, information packed podcasts and motivational blog posts. All the content is 100% free and open to all. And as a treat, the team at Innerfight want to treat you to try out a base fitness class for free! It’s perfect if you’re new to working out or have fallen out of a routine, to help you start your journey in a fun, safe and inspiring environment.

Next up is what I helps me work around my ever changing schedule, GuavaPass. It’s an app with access to the best fitness classes across in Asia and the Middle East, which is perfect for networking and accessing new clients and customers. There’s everything from spin, crossfit, barre, pilates, yoga and running groups and better still we’ve got a 25% DISCOUNT on the first month of GuavaPass when you sign up using the code ANNA25. Sign up at guavapass.com

Finally, with the weather so good at the moment, you’re hard pressed to find a better spot than this for your meetings. According to researchers, just 30 minutes of walking each day can lead to a dramatic reduction in the risk of dementia, breast and colon cancer, and heart disease. So instead of sitting in coffee shops, drinking sugary drinks, take your meetings outdoors and boost relationships, creativity and communication.

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