Getting My Post Baby Skin To Glow

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Pregnancy glow is a real thing, but as soon as you give birth it slowly starts to fade away. When you hit month 4, the hair loss sets in. It’s a slippery slope from being fresh-faced to well, haggard. Post-baby skin is no joke! And it’s not just changing skin it’s morphed into something new completely – I went from dry and tight to oily with open pores and pimples along my jawline. As with any challenge I went into research and strategy mode to try out most of the favourite skin care brands out there at the moment, but there was one I hadn’t even heard about until my Make Up Artist friend, Angelique Turner introduced me to.


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Anne Semonin

A Parisian facialist to the stars (including Grace Kelly!) who in the 80’s developed her range of skin care products combining trace elements and essential oils within her products. Anne believed that the most effective products are those that address the needs of your specific skin and your lifestyle, for me obviously that was post-baby skin. The range is based on the individual ‘beauty prescription’ so essentially, you figure out your skin’s concern – whether it’s ageing, lacking radiance, in need of balancing – and pick the products to help fix it.

Beauty Prescription

I love the complete personal approach to skincare Anne Semonin has with the first step of filling out an online questionnaire on your skin, lifestyle and environmental factors. The recommendations come back to you 2 days later with a personalized skin care regime, products and why they have recommended them. When I first looked at it I was a little intimidated because it looked like way more work than I could be bothered with! A gel cleanser, toner, serum and then moisturizer seemed intimidating every morning but if you want results you’ve got to put in the hard work. Right? Right!

Anne Semonin Beauty Perscription

Two Weeks Later

The products have a relatively neutral smell to them which I got used to after a day or so, and little of the product goes a long way. I really like the twist design of the bottles which makes it easy to travel and stops little hands from squeezing out all the contents! From my post-baby skin perspective, my pore size has reduced, and my skin looks less inflamed. It’s definitely softer to the touch and looks more uniform in texture. The fine lines are still there but aren’t as thick as before, and I’m pleasantly surprised by the appearance overall in such a short time.

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