Loving My Post Baby Body

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The saying goes; nine months in, nine months out. But I didn’t want to hear it. I was bombarded with messages from magazines telling me to get bikini ready, and if it wasn’t them, it was the social media posts of women who had bounced back two weeks after giving birth. I was in a different club – firstly I gave birth to twins and secondly, I had a c-section and all I wanted to know was how to lose baby weight! So I waited three months to get back into any exercise and slowly, but inevitably the weight came off by creating a new routine with my boys and one that supported my changing body and life. I’ve decided to list a few things that have helped me fall in love with my post-baby body. It’s grown two healthy boys, supported me through 42 hours of labour and fed the boys for six weeks which – wouldn’t sell covers on a fitness magazine but does make me feel bloody empowered!

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Night support

I knew that after suffering from burn out a few years ago, I would need support with sleepless nights with the boys so before we even had the boys I enlisted Malaak. It’s a financial investment but one we budgeted for and was worth every penny to get much-needed rest and full nights sleep. Loosing the baby weight is a matter of looking at your life and routine from all aspects and sleep is vital!

Social Media

I love the power of social media, but it can play tricks on your mind when you only see images that batter your self-esteem or represent airbrushed and finely tuned bodies. Use the mute button or unfollow accounts that don’t elevate your mind or body or support you in a changing time in your life.


I waited a full three months to start working out, and while I tried a few HIIT classes, I wasn’t feeling it. I had a massive urge to start ballet again at Dubai Dance Academy as I did classes when I was younger and doing something that genuinely makes me happy, and doesn’t feel like I’m killing myself has been a significant mood lifter! Keith Littlewood was also instrumental about getting my body moving efficiently again. I’m not going to loose the baby weight killing myself in classes because I know my body doesn’t respond like that, so do what works for you.

Fitness Gear

I wanted to wear clothes that would make me feel good, so I threw away a lot of my old battered gym clothes and bought items that had a conscious approach to production and consumption. The Femme Body top and sports bra I’m wearing showcase a brand that aligns with me – holistic, eco-conscious and natural.


I had a discount code to use for Kcal as I had used their meal plan a few years ago so decided to sign up for another 8 weeks. Getting the meals delivered was stress taken off my mind, kept me organised and in line with my eating goals and helped me to nourish my body properly with help from a nutritionist. What you eat is 90% of loosing the baby weight, I’ve seen that first hand!

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Femme Active Top and Sports Bra from http://femmebody.com.au

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