How To Make The Most Of Your Day With Baby Brain

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I like to think of myself as pretty organised in business and life but when I got pregnant, baby brain hit hard. From having energy and being on top of everything to just feeling like I had jelly for a brain was difficult! There was no way I just stop working and chill out on the couch, so what I did was work out a few strategies to make the most of my day when I was battling baby brain. I think they are perfect to implement even if you aren’t expecting and just want some more control over your schedule and have goals to smash. Remember, you have the same number of hours in a day as Beyoncé, and being ‘busy’ is not the same thing as being productive!

  • Calendar alerts as reminders

When you have a new appointment or task, add it to your calendar on your phone and put a time to it with a reminder. This will alert you either an hour or 30 minutes before so that you have a heads up of what you need to be focusing your time on or if you need to be jumping into the car to get to.

  • Nap and just tell people you’re in meetings

My trick for managing energy levels when I’m working long days, crazy hours or an energy slump from pregnancy is to have an afternoon nap. I tell people I’m going into a meeting if they need an explanation or managing expectations on a particular day and then get a good hour long kip and can jump back into work feeling refreshed.

  • Be strategic

From meetings to events and errands, kill two or three birds with one stone by allocating two or three days a week to get things done in bulk. Stack meetings together, a few hours for admin for emails or business activities, photo shoots or social media content creation.

  • Don’t over commit to things

Start saying no to commitments you don’t want or need to do. When you free up your schedule, you have more time and energy for things you care about, and you can invest so much more of yourself when you cut out the unnecessary. Ask yourself if that thing has to happen or could you compromise and do it over the phone rather than in person?

  • Have a clear idea of your day

Start the day by spending 5 minutes to write a to-do list. Start with the biggest most significant commitment or goal for that day and once that one thing is out of the way, the rest of your day will seem easy.

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