How To Really Balance Business and Leisure When You’re Traveling

#bleisure is my go to word when I describe most of my trips these days. As sole owner/operator of Nudge I need to make sure I’m contactable and on top of business even when I might have a change of environment or be in a different time zone to my clients. Planning ahead allows me to really balance business and leisure when I’m traveling, so here are my 5 tips to make sure you can get work done and enjoy the sites wherever you’re off to this summer!

  1. Plan Your Time From scheduling calls, meetings and interviews ahead of time so you know where you are, where you have to get to and what your non negotiable are going to be. The most important rule here is to ensure you know what time difference you’re working on with the aspects you’ve committed to that can’t be moved. Make sure they are on your calendar under the correct time zone and then get to work out where you’ll be on your holiday. Do you need to find a good wifi connection? Will you need somewhere quiet to chat? Or will you need printouts or deliverables with you before a meeting and where can you get this done?
  2. Buy A Local SIM Card While roaming might be great, nothing works better for me than having two phones. One with my Dubai SIM card in it and the other with a local SIM. It allows you to access Google Maps, have Uber within reach and make local calls to clients or colleagues as well as update social media on the fly without worrying how much you’re spending or when it’s going to decide to work or not.
  3. Work With The Weather Look at forecasts in the week leading up to your departure. If you’re heading away for a beach holiday but know afternoon rains will keep you inside for a few hours then use this to your advantage to get some admin done. Also, don’t forget to pack business appropriate and weather suited outfits, layers in hot of cold climates work best if you’re unsure.
  4. Wake Up Early You’ll manage to avoid tourists and manage time difference, if it works to your advantage. I’m an early riser naturally and often find in the major cities that this is the perfect time to get peaceful and interrupted views of all the big monuments and tourist attractions, plus you beat the heat. It also allows you to get a head start or start on par with colleagues and associates in different time zones.
  5. Communicate You must either commit to yourself to stick to your schedule of getting work done while enjoying a new place and plan for that or tell those you’re travelling with that this needs to be a priority, and you need their support for these few hours. Everything is a compromise, but the sooner you discuss what is important to you, the better prepared you can be before you board your flight!

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