How To Say No, Nicely

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It’s one of the most liberating words I’m learning to use in business and life, primarily as an adult. No. Two letters and a whole lot of power comes with saying no. Knowing how to to use the word can be tricky however when you’re saying no to people you love and respect, and leave you feeling torn between what you’re supposed to do and what you should do? Read on for three ways to say no, nicely.

  • Show kindness

Declining a request or setting a boundary doesn’t need to be done with aggression or come across in an angry tone. Speaking with kindness will leave you feeling better in the long run and remember, you won’t be heard any more clearly by being unpleasant to anyone. Instead, you’ll be looked at as insensitive and unkind.

  • Be clear in your communication

No means no. There’s no need to prefix your response with ‘I think’ or ‘At the moment’ you have to be clear about your answer and commit to your decision. Otherwise, they will be unclear with your choice as well, and you could even find yourself being committed to something because it turned into a misunderstanding.

  • Be commited

Often when we say no, other people can share their reaction to the answer by trying to make us guilty, responsible or even obliged to do something. You have a choice; you don’t have to accept these responses. By staying firm to your preference, being clear in your communication and showing kindness for your decision you may have to repeat your no answer once or twice but your decision is final.

Avoiding saying no to something that doesn’t make us feel good is soul destroying, so by learning to use the word you’ll free up time and space to inspire you. When you say no to your children you meet your own needs and desires as a parent first and foremost, even better than you do at the moment. Finally, saying no will allow you to do the things you want and not the things you should do.


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