It’s Here: This Will Make Eating Healthy Easier in 2018

The Salad Jar, Spinneys, Waitrose, Dubai, Expansion, Danielle Sallem

The Salad Jar has launched its products at Spinneys and Waitrose, moving from app delivery into retail! It’s a huge move for founder, Danielle Sallam, who will aim to expand The Salad Jar’s recipe selection and product line in the near future. Spinneys and Waitrose will start by stocking its top six selling salad jars to meet the growing rise of plant based diets and it’s timed perfectly with the New Year and resolutions to eat healthy.

So how did a The Salad Jar grow from home kitchen to UAE wide retailer? Read on to hear more of Danielle’s story and her mantras for success!

The Salad Jar, Spinneys, Waitrose, Dubai, Expansion, Danielle Sallem

Full Name 

Danielle Sallam

Full Business Title and Company Name

Founder and MD of The Salad Jar

What year did the business start?


Why did you start the business?

My best friend in Canada suggested I make my husband a salad in a jar to take to work as they are easy to eat at work and she suggested I could make three or four at a time as they keep well in the fridge and would be sufficient for a weeks worth of lunches. After giving it a try my husband quickly got hooked and showed up to home one evening with a dozen different sized and shaped jars and suggested I make salads for him to take to his team at work that week. After working on a few different recipes I sent him to work with enough for the entire office. From that point on things just started to take a life of their own and The Salad Jar was born!

Who is your target market and why are they so important to reach? 

The Salad Jar’s target market is anyone wanting a healthy and nutritious meal that is convenient to get and easy to eat anywhere anytime. I knew that healthy nutritious lunchtime meals were hard to find and get in Dubai. If it was convenient it was normally unhealthy, if healthy not convenient, and if convenient and healthy it was either very expensive or lacked an abundance of quality ingredients – I believe that its super important to make healthy eating as accessible as possible. Not only The Salad Jar, but healthy eating in general is so important to peoples well being, both body and mind benefit from proper nutrition and the positive impact eating healthy on a regular basis has on peoples pays dividends for the rest of their lives.

Share 3 of the biggest lessons you’ve learnt so far in business.

Be patient, focused and energetic.

It’s often difficult to always remain energized and enthusiastic but I find that my mood and my energy trickle down to the rest of the team. If your team see that you become unmotivated, frustrated and short tempered at times they’ll think that behaviour is okay and it can really drag the company culture down quickly. We all have our bad days of course, but I try to stay as evenly keeled as possible, not getting too high on small successes or too low when things are going all wrong.

The Salad Jar, Spinneys, Waitrose, Dubai, Expansion, Danielle Sallem

Who do you admire or look up to in business?

My husband… He is confident in a way that is approachable and encouraging.

He is self-taught and learns very quickly how to make things work.  I love that when he wants something he goes for it and makes it happen.

What is your one piece of advice to those looking to start a business in your same industry?

Have and abundance of patience and faith in your vision and always honour your instincts.  Listen to yourself, if your not feeling right about something make the necessary changes. In terms of tangible business criteria; Customer service, company culture and brand positioning/marketing are critical keys to success, but at the end of the day it all boils down to your product. If your product isn’t rock solid and doesn’t have people coming back wanting more than nothing else really matters.

What is a quote you live by?

There are actually two quotes by the Dali Lama that I really love and find to be very applicable in my work and personal life.

Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively. ― Dalai Lama

Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it. ― Dalai Lama

Whats next? Share your plans for the business in the future. 

We’ve got really exciting and ambitious plans in the short and long term. These include the launch of some amazing new partnerships in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, along with International expansion plans that I can’t quite mention yet but stay tuned to hear more very soon!

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