Make Your Mornings Work For You

I have to confess, I’ve always been a morning person! But, starting up Nudge and then becoming pregnant has me adverse to doing things in a rush or last minute which is why I like to get on top of things and start my day the right way, for me. Everyone is different but the space to breathe by creating my morning routine has made me a better person to myself, my family, my friends and of course, my business and clients.

1. Wake up early

I consider time a commodity. Highly successful people take it up a notch by waking up at 5:30 am, 4:30 am and even 4:00 am. For me, early (before the kids arrive) is 06:30 and I love the calm before the day gets going. More importantly, I have the time to do things that matter to me.

If this is a new concept, try and start with waking up 15 minutes earlier than your usual alarm and then gradually adjust.

2. Get moving

It doesn’t need to be intense, but any exercise will help you think clearer, be healthier and happier. If an hour seems too daunting first thing, start with 10 minutes.

3. Be inspired

Motivation and confidence are what I consider verbs; you have to put them into action consistently. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done but if I’m feeling in a funk, spending time watching inspiring videos and listening to affirmations can change my mindset and have me revved into action.

4. Start a gratitude journal

Opening your eyes to what you already have achieved can be so beneficial for bringing yourself back to the present and makes you more open to optimism and to being inspired by the little success.

5. Start with the one thing you’re avoiding

We all know that feeling of procrastination or searching for an excuse not to start something. In fact, tackling the big problem or issue head on is exactly what you should be doing so you can then focus on the rest of your day and feel like you’ve achieved something.

6. Have a breakfast date

I love going out for breakfast or meeting over breakfast and what better way than to reconnect with a loved one or friend than to meet first thing and have breakfast together. It can do wonders for relationships and what a nice way to start the day with some you care for deeply!

7. Review your diary

I love a good organiser (Kate Spade makes the best ones in my opinion!) and tend to combine whats on my computer calendar and what I have in my tasks and to do list in my physical diary. It’s beneficial to spend 10 minutes reviewing what you have planned for the day over coffee or breakfast, as well as taking the time to allow for traffic, lunch and your goals. This way, your day will be managed and far less stressful.

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