Making Social Media Work For You

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Social media is not the problem, but the way we’ve allowed it to control us is. I learned this the hard way after I gave birth to my boys and sat in New Zealand breastfeeding all hours of the day and night and seeing everyone’s highlight reels from their lives in an endless stream on social platforms.  The FOMO was real! I was out of routine, finding my feet as a new mum and I wanted to cling to the something familiar and an old habit – mindlessly scrolling through social. So, how did I create a plan to get rid of social envy and take charge of my business? I’ve laid it all out for your below so you can get back online and not let your self-esteem take a hit by making social media work for you.

Know Your End Goal

Are you a small business? Just use social media to connect with friends and family? Have you started a blog? Whatever it is, don’t be shy but be clear. I knew when I created my business the number one reason for me being online was to show people I have a kick-ass product to sell and social media is a vehicle to get people to know about it. Sure, I have friends and family on social media as well, but I keep that separate with business pages and personal pages. Are you wanting to drive traffic to a website? Show people work you’ve done housed somewhere else? Or just want it for fun. Begin with your end goal.

Turn Off Notifications

I was being bombarded with notifications all hours of the day and night. It was exhausting, and it drained my phone battery! Switching off announcements from social media platforms meant I wasn’t being distracted or enticed to interact with platforms unless I physically clicked on the app myself. Taking back control and having some self-discipline has been one of the most significant wins in the battle between social media and self-esteem.

Check Your Analytics

There’s a lot of gurus online who tell you when is the best time to post or how many a day. That’s a lot of BS in my opinion because everyone is so different. Working smarter not harder is my go-to phrase with social media. I checked my analytics and saw the raw data off when my audience is most active and on what day I don’t go outside of these parameters. I’ve cut down to posting once a week, and because of it, I’ve seen increased engagement and better results with my business.

Get Your Key Messages Clear

If you don’t know what you’re saying, then your audience won’t have anything to listen to! Quality trumps quantity always. If you want to go through a short but in-depth program to strategise your brand then sign up to my Personal Branding Course – it’s what I created to get myself and so many people back on track with proven communication techniques for the digital age. (P.s: use the code ‘cheatsheet20’ for 20% off at the checkout!)

Leave Your Phone At Home

Just because we can do everything on our phones, it doesn’t mean we need to. Since I’ve had children, I tell people I’ll be a few days in getting back to them, or return missed calls with hour deep dives into work throughout my days. Knowing that I’m prioritising my mental health and managing my end goals in my own way gives me power and strength I never had when I gave in a let social media take over.

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