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I wanted to take the time to share my story of motherhood with you as a business owner around some of the internal conversations I’ve had (Have I achieved enough before the kids came along and my main focus would have to ‘recalibrate’?). Also, as someone who had suffered from fertility and hormone issues my whole life (Endometriosis, PCOS, Chronic Fatigue, a Thyroid Condition and Insulin Resistance). There is also an overwhelming amount of negativity and stress around having twins when you search on Google or read about other pregnancies that have been stressful, so I wanted to share my story to show that it’s not all doom and gloom.

This introduction to my bump will share with you what it’s been like over the last few months and how I, a twin myself, approach having twins and how I respond some of the common questions and statements that get made in front of me (without me even asking for their thoughts!).

Starting to get bigger!

It took five home pregnancy tests, plus a doctor’s appointment (and I had to pee in a cup so make that seven, plus the blood test so eight tests in total) and a subsequent scan which confirmed there were two of them, to have it sink it.

I was pregnant… I was pregnant with twins.

I wasn’t joking, 5 tests with 3 different brands at home!

That’s a lot to take in usually but, considering I’d been told my entire life I would never be able to conceive naturally, it was mind boggling to me. I had a million and one emotions; shock, surprise, elation, fear, happiness, love, joy, confusion, apprehension, uncertainty and overwhelm. But once I settled it was absolutely love and clarity; I was going to be a mum!

The first scan at 5 weeks

Now to address the twin thing. I’m a twin myself, and although they always say twins ‘skip a generation’ my doctor (Dr. Helena Taylor)  assured me it’s very normal for twins to have twins, and my twins are the same twins as my sister and I are. They are called DCDA twins meaning they have their own amniotic sacs and own placentas and are classed as the lowest risk of a multiple pregnancy, which is naturally classified as high risk from day one. They are made of two separate eggs and two separate sperm so when they are born they won’t be identical and are essentially siblings in the same womb.

Scan at 8 weeks

But, didn’t you have twice the morning sickness?

No, in fact, I had no morning sickness whatsoever. In the first 12 weeks I had days where I would have more energy than others or would feel a bit more partial to one food than the other but nothing out of the ordinary.

Scan at 11 weeks, look at how quickly they grow!

You are going to get huge! You’ll be eating for two!

No, the calories needed for pregnancy are different for every woman, and so far I’ve only put on one kilogramme! And just bear in mind, my sister and I were 5 pounds when we were born, so my twins are most likely going to be small babies. I’m eating well and not using pregnancy as an excuse to load up on food that isn’t nutritious or binging on ‘treat food’ or giving up exercising.

Still maintaining my normal schedule for the time being!

You’ll have to take it easy and rest up with twins.

No, I had the all clear from my doctor to train once the pregnancy was confirmed through her at five weeks. I’ve changed my workout routines, so I now do more walking and yoga than focus solely on HIIT training or strength and conditioning as I did before I conceived, but I smashed it at the gym the day before I found out I was pregnant and even now have been going to spinning/RPM classes, barre classes without the ab or core component, HIIT classes where I walk or row rather than run (it doesn’t feel right for my body to run.) I’m focusing on maintaining my fitness, mobility and energy levels rather than weight loss, personal best’s or ‘toning’.

Twins! Double the trouble!

I prefer ‘double the fun’. Maybe you need to talk to my Mum, but twins are an absolute blessing and delight, not double the damper. My mum will be with me to get the kids into a routine (she’s a boss) when they arrive, and I can’t see any downside in having twins now or once they are older.

Better start saving, you’ve got two on the way.

Yes absolutely, having a child at any time and in any country under any circumstance creates an impact financially. We’re approaching it from a practical sense in that we’ve decided to take on offers of hand me down clothes and some furniture when they are born, and in other cases, we opted to go to IKEA to buy furniture for the nursery instead of other furniture stores. Twins are used to sharing everything, so we don’t need to double the toys we buy or necessarily the clothes, it’s more likely that we need to be better organised.

Boss lady, still.

So there you have it! I’m still finding the best way I can incorporate being an entrepreneur and being a mum but I’m enjoying the journey and will keep you posted on the way!

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