Omar K. Alghanim: Diversifying Our Workforce

Here’s a great article by Omar K. Alghanim which appeared in the Huffington Post about the work his company,  Alghanim Industries,  is doing to address the MENA regions large number of unemployed women to not just hire them, but also change the way in which they are being retained in the workforce.
Omar K. Alghanim
Omar K. Alghanim

According to UN Women, 47% of the female population is currently employed. That’s almost half, of course, which sounds pretty good until you consider the comparative figure for men: 72%.

The problem is particularly acute in the Middle East. In 2014, MENA’s workplace participation had a gender gap of 53%. That’s four times the size of the North American gap, and fully twice the global average. According to the IMF, if the gender gap was narrowed by just one-third, our regional GDP would grow by a staggering $1 trillion a year, or 6 percent.

Let’s pivot to the business case: If we don’t employ women, we aren’t accessing 50% of the human talent and knowledge pool – in other words, half of the talent pool is being ignored. Furthermore, studies, including a recent one conducted by MIT, consistently show that companies with more women in senior management outperform less diverse companies, in some cases by a rather wide margin.

At Alghanim Industries, we are taking action to ensure that our workplace is inclusive and diverse. We’ve issued new polices on equal employment and revised our recruitment procedures to help increase the hiring of qualified women. In addition, we’ve recently increased maternity leave benefits in Kuwait and the UAE, which will help make our workplace more attractive to working women.

(Read the article in full on the Huffington Post)

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