The New Zealand Lodge The Queen Stays At

Huka Lodge, Taupo, Luxury, Hotel, New Zealand, Travel Blogger, Relais & Chateaux

Fahim and I spent the most wonderful long weekend at Huka Lodge in Taupo. It was incredible to take some time for ourselves to unwind and switch off, outside of the city during our December visit to New Zealand and just spend time together. Huka Lodge has attracted the likes of HM Queen Elizabeth and The Queen Mother!

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How To Say No, Nicely

Business, Say No, How To, Commit, Communication, Dubai, I'm Anna Roberts, Speaker, Mentor, Life, Advice

It’s one of the most liberating words I’m learning to use in business and life, primarily as an adult. No. Two letters and a whole lot of power comes with saying no. Knowing how to to use the word can be tricky however when you’re saying no to people you love and respect,

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The Business of Bras with Kate Kikano

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Pregnancy is a time of change, and when you look at statistics; up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, you need all the support you can get! When it comes to the best maternity bras and the best nursing bras the cup runneth over with choices at TKD Lingerie,

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A Dream Auckland Road Trip

Travel, Food, Roadtrip, Piha, Auckland, New Zealand, Blogger

Auckland is the city I was born in and alongside Dubai, I’ll always call it home. It’s got the best balance of water front living, a cosmopolitan make up and gorgeous natural beauty and because it’s a relatively small city compared with other parts of the world, you can go from city to beach just like that.

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How to Handle a Copycat

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Ughhhhh, I know. Imitation is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery, but having someone copy or steal your work can not only annoy the hell out of you it’s illegal in some cases. But, there’s always the question of, do they think of my work in admiration or is it just blatant duplication?

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Tomato And Burrata Salad

After this summer’s Italian road trip I am totally in love with Medditeranian flavours, and this tomato and burrito salad takes me right back to La Dolce Vita. Bursts of tangy tomato coated in creamy burrata and just the right amount of tartness from the olive oil and onions are perfect for a light summer salad at midday or entree to dinner.

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Why I Love Online Courses

Nudge Academy, Online Course, Public Speaking, Media Training, Personal Branding, Why To Study Online

For years I’ve loved taking courses online; from business and marketing through to 21-day self-improvement and more recently, photography with City Varsity. There are so many classes and experts to choose from and now that I’ve launched my very own Nudge Academy I wanted to share the benefits with you. Here are my five reasons why I love learning online,

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