Tomato And Burrata Salad

After this summer’s Italian road trip I am totally in love with Medditeranian flavours, and this tomato and burrito salad takes me right back to La Dolce Vita. Bursts of tangy tomato coated in creamy burrata and just the right amount of tartness from the olive oil and onions are perfect for a light summer salad at midday or entree to dinner.

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Why I Love Online Courses

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For years I’ve loved taking courses online; from business and marketing through to 21-day self-improvement and more recently, photography with City Varsity. There are so many classes and experts to choose from and now that I’ve launched my very own Nudge Academy I wanted to share the benefits with you. Here are my five reasons why I love learning online,

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My 5 Favorite Ways To Stay Fit

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, registered dietitian, or fitness expert. The purpose of this post is to share my experiences with  fitness —not to dole out advice. When it comes to your health and fitness, do your research and consult a medical professional. 
Yay! We’ve made it to September. How long does it feel since all those ‘get your body bikini ready’

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The September New Year

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Yes, I know we’re over half way through the year, but in Dubai, I always feel like there’s this sense of a new beginning when everyone is back from the summer, and this is the perfect time to reassess your goals for the last four months of the year! I’ve got loads I want to achieve before we welcome in 2018,

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Summer Lamb with Homemade Ice Tea

Summer temperatures have me in the mood for bright fruits, sticky glazes and satisfying meals, without the heaviness. Hapi bone broth is the secret ingredient in this dish; filled with nutrient rich vitamins and minerals and packed full of flavour that will have you, and you guests saying wow.
I’ve also got a bit of an affinity at the moment with ice tea,

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Why Stage Fright Is Your New Best Friend

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Public speaking gets a bad wrap. The first time you were probably invited to address an audience would have been in your early years in school at ‘show and tell’. You’re asked by the teacher to bring in something interesting to the class and tell them about it. Easy enough, right?

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A Personal Shopping Experience For Twins

I was at a complete loss when I set out to buy all the things we would need for our new bundles of joy joining us, times by two! I had questions like whats ISOFIX? How do you install a car seat? What kind of setup do I need for feeding if I’m not sure how breastfeeding will go or how to manage formula and bottles for two?

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Fear And Anxiety Are Killing Your Career

I’ve recently been working with a lot of clients through my coaching practice at Nudge, who are struggling to deal with Imposter Syndrome; “the inadequacy that people feel in the workplace, even if they are entirely able to fill a position successfully.”
There are studies that show that it’s most prominent in high-achieving women,

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