3 Plastic Free Online Finds Your Family Needs

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“I’ve embraced cloth diapers” is something I never thought I’d say. Part of it was pride, part of it was convenience. Cloth nappies weren’t cool in my mind. And they are such a mess and a pain! Right? Wrong! Sofi Chabowski of Eggs & Soldiers is an oracle when it comes to living a more natural way – without being preachy or exclusive. I wanted to see if being a plastic free family could be possible with twins and she gave me the low down!

“They aren’t difficult, they’re just different” I’ll always remember her saying.

That, combined with the fact that I calculated in the 4 months the boys had been with us we had gone through 1500 nappies that had cost us almost AED2500. And I forgot to mention, mainline disposable nappies take hundreds of years to break down in a landfill. Knowing the disposable nappies I would have worn 30 years ago as a baby will still be on earth when my grand children’s children are here was horrifying to think. I wholeheartedly embraced cloth nappies a few months ago, and have since been moving towards a plastic free goal by embracing natural products like glass, wood and silicone, choosing reusable options and avoiding single use plastic items when I can.

Podcast Episode #PlasticFreeJuly

Love a good conversation? You can hear all about my chat with Sofi on the podcast – we get into stainless steel straws, talk silicone and raising six kids between us!

Cloth Diaper Blueberry Aqua Babies Twins Whale Diaper Cloth Reuseable Plastic Free Family Sheep Cloth Diaper Reusable Twins Reuseable Diapers Cloth Nappies Colorful Adorable

I’ve rounded up some of the easiest #PlasticFreeJuly finds to make your kiddos smile, your wallet happy, and your mind a little bit freer:

  • Cloth nappies This is my top choice for cloth nappies, the Blueberry All In One is so easy to put on and clean.  Made of fantastic quality materials and really absorbent.
Cloth Nappy Cute Nice Modern Easy Simple Blueberry
Blueberry All In One Cloth Nappy – super easy!
Bro Bag Organic Cotton Slee Sack
Super comfy for bed time, I love these Gro Bags for the boys!


  • Wooden Toys are wonderful as an alternative to plastic. With these blocks you can even come up with silly stories using the line-drawn images on each block. Bonus! There’s a cloth bag lets you take the set anywhere.
Wooden Blocks Plastic Free
Wooden Blocks are perfect to be passed down in your family

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