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Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance, according to an old saying. And it’s entirely correct. Getting organised on one day of the week makes the other six an absolute breeze. Here are seven ways to make the most of your day off, and get you smashing goals in your business and life.

  • Clean and tidy

Studies have shown that physical mess reduces our ability to focus and process information. Doing laundry, tidying your gym bags or sorting out the kitchen will help you feel prepared for a full on schedule.

  • Map out your week

Have you ever felt anxious before the week begins? Try and regain control over your schedule by mapping everything out on a Saturday instead of ignoring it. Take a look at the tasks you have ahead of you this week, so you’re not caught by surprise and prepare accordingly for events that need more of your attention.

  • Sort out food and wardrobe

From getting your gym bag ready the night before to pre-preparing your lunches and breakfasts, this can be a liberating and a life-changing habit to establish. Not only will it give you time for a few more minutes of sleep but it’ll prevent any wardrobe issues with events you need to attend (because if you read the point above you should know what’s on your schedule now) and you won’t miss a workout!

  • Set goals for yourself

Make time for the things you want to achieve. Get it programmed in your diary and organise your schedule and the preparation needed around it. Want to read a book a month or catch up with a friend at least once a week? Get organised and make the hours in your week to reach your goal.

  • Unplug from your devices

Even if it’s just for a few hours, turn off your laptop, phone and even TV to get your mind and body-centred for the week ahead.  It’ll enable you to better prepare for a chaotic week and centre yourself for anything you might be anxious about.

  • Focus on the positive

A rough commute, negative coworkers or a cold office can all make you dread the start of the week. Instead, focus on the positive like the ability to share a new idea with clients or colleagues. If the problem is bigger than that, Saturday can be the ideal time to regroup and focus on what does make you happy and realign your goals accordingly.

  • Release your inner child

If you want to start the week feeling fresh and inspired, then start playing! The point is to not work on weekends but instead be inspired, stimulated and improve your confidence by engaging different parts of your brain on the weekend. Try a new fitness class, sign up for a new hobby or sport or get together with friends in a new environment.

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