Stop Saying Sorry


Jessica Hagy

‘Sorry’ is up there on the list of overused words by females alongside ‘Just’ and ‘Perhaps’ to soften our tone, use as justification or avoid conflict.

According to a 2010 study in the journal Psychological Science, “women have a lower threshold for what constitutes offensive behavior,” so are more likely to see a need for an apology in everyday situations. We are even apt to shoehorn apologies into instances where being direct is vital — such as when demanding a raise.

So rather than another article telling you to stop apologising all together, here’s a few tips by Jessica Hagy on when you really shouldn’t.


1. Don’t apologize for taking up space.


You’re three-dimensional in many powerful ways.

2. Don’t apologize for not being omniscient.


If you really were psychic, you’d be out spending your lottery winnings already.

3. Don’t apologize for manifesting in a human form.


You require food, sleep, and you have regular biological functions. This is not being high-maintenance. This is being alive.

4. Don’t apologize for being intimidatingly talented.


Do you detect a wee bit (or a kilo-ton) of jealousy? Good. You’re doing something more than right.

5. Don’t apologize for not joining the cult du jour.


If you don’t believe in the life-changing magic of the brand synergy matrix (or whatever the slide-show is selling), you’re more aware than you realise.

(Read the list in full on Forbes)

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