Why Stage Fright Is Your New Best Friend

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Public speaking gets a bad wrap. The first time you were probably invited to address an audience would have been in your early years in school at ‘show and tell’. You’re asked by the teacher to bring in something interesting to the class and tell them about it. Easy enough, right?

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Media Training: Five Tips To Own Your Live Interview

“Fantastic news! We’ve booked you in for a live media interview tomorrow morning!”
That might just be the sentence to send any confident entrepreneur over the edge. You may have survived a round of financial pitching and secured your first client, but throw a microphone in your face, and the studio lights can easily blind your thoughts and choke your words.

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Making #Wanderlust Your Day Job

**Do you LOVE to travel? Or Planning VACATIONS? And want to MAKE MONEY from doing that? Watch this!**
The region’s largest travel event is on this week, so I had to sit down and get a woman’s perspective on how to get a slice of this $US7 Trillion industry.

Mona and Rana started Pomalo Travel in 2013 and today they travel all over the world helping everyone from solo women travellers,

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Your Networking Game Plan

Networking hasn’t become obsolete with the advent of the digital age; it’s merely expanded onto new platforms. If you’re browsing LinkdIn, attending an industry conference in the waiting room at an interview you’ve got a chance to network. But, how do you know what to say in each instance? What do you ask the other person?

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Stop Saying Sorry


‘Sorry’ is up there on the list of overused words by females alongside ‘Just’ and ‘Perhaps’ to soften our tone, use as justification or avoid conflict.
According to a 2010 study in the journal Psychological Science, “women have a lower threshold for what constitutes offensive behavior,” so are more likely to see a need for an apology in everyday situations.

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