The September New Year

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Yes, I know we’re over half way through the year, but in Dubai, I always feel like there’s this sense of a new beginning when everyone is back from the summer, and this is the perfect time to reassess your goals for the last four months of the year! I’ve got loads I want to achieve before we welcome in 2018, more on that later but honestly, you can achieve so much in four months, but only if you prepare yourself and focus on success. I’m going to have you understanding how you achieve your goals and how you can refine your habits and tactics to finish off 2017 like a boss!

  • Start with an assessment

Take a deep breath and face up to reality. To know where you’re going you’ve got to take note of where you’ve been. Which goals have you made progress on and what are you struggling with? Nows the chance to step up your game and refocus on what you wanted to achieve in 2017. Could that be writing a book? (My goal!) Or perhaps saving for a an end of year trip? Or, just making sure you head to the gym at least 3 times a week? Make sure you measure specifically how you’re achieving that goal you’re working towards. Having a realistic number to reach will allow you to track of what you’re accomplishing, inform your progress, and therefore help you achieve your goal.

  • Then, evaluate your wins and losses

Now that you know where you’re #winning and where you’re struggling to make progress think about why. Are you putting the right frame work in place to achieve your goals? If it’s working out every morning, are you getting to bed earlier? Preparing breakfast to take with you on the go and laying out your workout clothes the night before? As for the goals you’re struggling with, look back at the times when you were making progress with them, and the times you were achieving them. Planning and anticipating obstacles will leave you less blindsided and help you meet your goals more often. The key is evaluating what works, and why, and how you can apply it to other areas of your life.

  • Make the last four months worth it 

Evaluating your goals at intervals throughout the year and adjusting your timeline to refocus is the best way to educate yourself about how you accomplish your goals, and to motivate you to stay on track. Assessing your progress and your goals that you’ve achieved in the first half of the year means you can apply it going forward. It can also make your goal less intimidating. Your goals are now subject to a four-month timeline and not a year long schedule, and sometimes, a sense of urgency can be just what you need. A proper assessment helps refine habits, which increases the odds of achieving your goals the second half of the year.

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