The Simple Hacks That Make Our Lives Run Smoother

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It’s been a hectic few months doubling our family from 2 to 4! I considered myself a pretty organized person before the boys came along but I really have had to step up my game. Organizing a business, two boys, family life, international travel, getting back into fitness and running a house has meant I’m ruthless with efficiency and productivity. Plus, my hormones mean I can get overly annoyed at the littlest of things… skipping breakfast running out the door or losing my car keys can send me over the edge and throw me off the rest of the week. I’ve managed to find a few solutions over the past three months that have saved me stress which may not be ground breaking but they make a difference.

  • Have the Bugaboo packed and ready to go

This is sort of a two in one hack… If you’ve been following me on Instastories you’ll know it took us a while to choose a stroller but I was ecstatic when we got our Bugaboo Donkey 2. It’s given me a new independence with the boys, is simple enough that even I can get it in and out of car without any tears from the boys or myself and big enough to mean I don’t have to carry anything extra because of the great storage space. I used to pack and unpack before and after every outing but that meant I was forever forgetting something and taking ages to get out the door. Instead, I use small zip cells to have ready to go and in the storage area; one with nappies, wipes and change mats and the other with bibs, onesies, flannels and swaddles. It means I never have to worry about not having something with me and the boys are happier I’m not fussing about when they want to get going!

  • Get a hands free pump

I was lucky to have breast fed the boys for the first 4 weeks without any challenges before my milk supply dried up and the boys went through a massive growth spurt. Until then my life was saved by the Medela Freestyle and their bra. You’re able to double pump hands free with such ease. I’d put my suction cups on with the bra, attach bottles and then turn the pump on and hook it to my trousers. So easy! I’d be able to get a few emails done, eat breakfast or brush my hair (winning) without wasting time while the boys were asleep.

  • Organize yourself first

As much as I love pottering in the boys room organizing their clothes and toys, the biggest impact in my room has been my wardrobe. Jane from Taylor & Roberts came in to do a wardrobe detox where we went through everything to see if it fit me, sorted out my maternity clothes into storage and re styled my clothes I was keeping. I’m not kidding when I say I had 6 garbage bags full of clothes to eliminate! It’s made picking outfits a breeze in the morning and meant I have far more options to wear than just sweat pants!

  • Get duel functioning furniture for the boys

It’s so easy to get lost in a sea of baby gear when you have one baby let along two so from the start I’ve been on the hunt for multi function items for the boys and I hit the jackpot with their Sleepyhead pods. The boys have slept in them since we left hospital and now that they’re older we use it for their activity gym and tummy time. It’s super lightweight to pick up and carry out from their room to the living room and so easy to remove to wash with no trouble, winning!

  • Buy Clothes Two Sizes Up for Babies 

We were really spoilt at our baby shower with cute matching sets of clothes for the boys in larger sizes, and its the best thing we could have got. We had prep clothes for the boys in hospital and had been doing pretty good with newborn until the latest growth spurt where the boys are now fitting into some of their 6 month old sizes already! Now when I see cute clothes, I buy them a few sizes up so that they can grow into them and have some comfortable stuff for summer. Its a double win because it’s always a nice surprise when something finally fits them and reduces my anxiety that I won’t have anything around that fits them. Shout out to Bonds Wondersuits my absolute favorite! If you need an idea on a new born gift buy the parents a gift card – it doesn’t expire for a year!


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