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A year ago, if you were to mention Dr. Levy’s name to me I would have no idea who or what you were talking about. Fast forward to today I’m a convert, with both the Stem Cell Booster Serum and 3 Deep Cleanser calling my vanity their permanent home. Why? Because in 29 years they are the only products that have not just treated my dry, sensitive skin but they’ve actually started to change it.

Pioneering what’s being called the Medi Lux segment of beauty, this is not a normal topic of discussion on I’m Anna Roberts and I’ll state it clearly, I’m not being paid to say this. But, the reason I’ve felt compelled to share this with you is because the Dr. LEVY range of products was created for women like you and me – time poor, constantly multitasking and wanting to look as good as we feel.

“Today there are two aspects that are really shaping how we see ourselves, our future and we fundamentally see that on our skin. On a micro level when a woman feels that they are on their ascendancy, and an idea of where they want to go. You’ll invest in a personal trainer or eating well, but the difficulty is that you’ll be feeling great on the inside but you won’t necessarily look it. You feel out of sync. On a macro level we live in a society where we know we’re going to live longer and we know were going to work longer, and we want to enjoy our lives. Therefore we’re forced to be healthier for longer and there’s more competition with the way the world is going, and people start to look at their skin at a younger age, and when you start to invest in your skin you make a choice you don’t want to compromise and thats where medi-lux fits a gap in the market.” Says Dr. LEVY Switzerland® CEO, Julien Levy who I met with on his recent stop in Dubai.

The formulas were created around one of the most important recent anti-aging discoveries, the dermal stem cell reservoir. Dr. LEVY Switzerland® products contain the revolutionary patented ArganCellActiv® complex, a combination of 10 ultra potent anti-aging & hydrating molecules. In particular, it exclusively includes Argan CDV, a  plant-derived stem cell activator scientifically proven to vitalize dermal stem cells1- the source of the skin’s natural wrinkle fighting cells. So what does this mean for you?

Cells are like a time machine, they not only remember their youth, but that can actually go back in time. The potential is in your cells, and according to Dr. LEVY, all they need is a gentle wake-up call.
This is what French scientists successfully proved in 2011, when they turned age-worn skin cells in people over 90 into rejuvenated stem cells indistinguishable from those in embryos. Not only did they prove that aging is reversible, but they demonstrated that the key to turn back time was already present within our own cells.

“The Dr. Levy ritual is very simple, at the heart of it is our Stem Cell Serum. To begin with we always recommend our 3 DEEP Cell Renewal Micro-Resurfacing Cleanser which is made with small organic rice pieces, and not micro beads which have been proven to cause damage to our oceans and won’t scratch the skin alongside glycolic and hyloronic acid. So it stimulates your epidermis and renewal of your epidermis.” says Julian.


Dr. Levy Products are available in the UAE at Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont The Palm and online to the world at

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