Why Starting A Business This Summer Is Easier Than Ever

Two years ago I had just left my corporate role and embarked on a journey that has been one of the most eye-opening and rewarding of my entire life, entrepreneurship and starting up Nudge. In the summer of 2015, I had no idea I would work harder than I ever had before, be let down by people, be surprised by business relationships I would forge and what opportunities would come my way. I would also periodically end the day in floods of tears trying to get money out of clients who weren’t paying and reach incredible goals I once considered just dreams.

Fast forward to today, and I’m gearing up to go on stage at Summer Startup and share what I’ve learnt so far in my journey in particular, why I chose to go alone and why more women should consider entrepreneurship. I’m stoked to be talking alongside some other incredible entrepreneurs and hope you’ll join us for the event! In the mean time, here are five reasons why summer is the best time to start a business.

  1. The longer days mean you’ll get more done, and be in a better mood about it. Summer lightens the mood at work, gives people more opportunities to socialise with their friends and coworkers and start networking to get your idea off the ground when people are at their busiest.
  2. You’ve got a chance to have a change in scenery. I spent two weeks in Croatia with family while I was setting up my business and creating my client resources and it was an incredible boost to have a different environment to work from, with few distractions and the ability to use family as sound boards for ideas or trial different training methodologies.
  3. It’s quiet, at least in Dubai. The logistics of setting up a business can be off putting for many, but with the mass exodus of summer, the UAE and its different government departments are free of long lines and crowds to be able to launch your business, legally. I enlisted the help of a company to assist in my set up, and AQ&P will be on had to answer questions this weekend at Summer Startup about the legalities of doing business in Dubai.
  4. It can take longer than you think to start earning money in business. Giving yourself a six month head start on January and the New Year which is the time when many usually consider the best time to start a business, you give your ideas and processes in place a chance to settle in and test out the viability of your business. I continued to freelance for six months with my old corporate role, and this was the time frame I needed to get my head around the first stages of entrepreneurship.
  5. Fewer events in your calendar. In Dubai at least, most of the large conferences and panels scheduled between September and April. Summer gives you the chance to attend these types of events as a new business owner with a clear idea of your pitch and introduction, without trying to figure it all out at once and be left without a response when those critical questions get asked.


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