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Fear Detox Program

Elevate your confidence, gain clarity and set a course for unstoppable success in this 2 week self discovery program.

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A 2 week transformation

+ A daily reading and worksheet to help you launch and grow your new mindset with clarity and control

+ How to overcome the different ways fear presents itself that keeps us constantly stuck

+ The exact framework I used to get my courage up to escape a job I hated, relationships I felt I was stuck in and take on full facial reconstructive surgery in my mid 20s. 

+What you need to focus on first, second, third and so on to eliminate overwhelm and procrastination and take consistant action. 


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Communication happens everywhere, it’s how you do business, it’s how you create long term, lasting relationships and it’s how your seize opportunities that come your way.

To communicate is to be human.

We are all born natural communicators. Think about babies, the first way they communicate is to cry or to vocalize. But as we get older and fear starts creeping in, we start to lose our voice.

With the digital age upon us, our voices are even harder to use as we rely on messaging or text based communication. People actively avoid face to face conversations or phone calls, especially when we’re avoiding or procrastinating.

As we get older we become more risk averse, we’re hesitant to express ourselves as we, as humans, were designed to. But, when we are able to fully express ourselves, we are truly able to share our unique gifts with the world with the added bonus of tempo, rhythm and pitch to work together to tell a story through our own words and in our own way.

We’re in complete control. We have absolute clarity

I truly believe your voice is a powerful tool and you should be able to tell your story, in your own unique way. 

But, if anxiety and stress about how you will be perceived is stopping you from sharing your strengths and abilities then those closest to you and the world don’t have a chance to see your full potential. 

Confidence and clarity starts with greater self awareness and the only way others will see and experience that is through communication. Almost 90% of social and financial success in life is determined by your social and communication skills. 

To be respected in your field and to be trusted by millions of people around the world you need to be clear and confident about two things. 1; what your strengths are 2; how other peoples lives will be elevated by them being around you. 

From finding a strategic partner to go into business with, to the hiring manager of a company you want to join, audiences to buy your products or a client base for your services.


All of these opportunities are unlocked through the Fear Detox.


+ What if you started seizing opportunities that come your way instead of letting them pass your by?

+ What if you knew how to confidently own your strengths to set you apart from the competition?

+ What if the world could see how they could benefit from your skills and talents?

+ What if you could do all of this in under 2 weeks?

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