Ever feel like you want to quit social media? Like you’ve had enough and it’s taking over your life and giving you little value to your business or your professional goals? 

If you consistently post content, reply to comments, comment on friends and family and your peers’ posts, reply to DM’s across multiple platforms and have this unending sense of anxiety and dread. “What do I have to do to get followers? What can I post that hasn’t been said a million times before? Is this it? Have I made any sales this month? What am I even doing with this?!?!”

I know people who are making themselves sick and stressed because of this constant social media spiral. And that’s because I was one of them for a long time. Good news. It doesn’t have to be that way! And it doesn’t involve spending money to hire someone.

As someone who’s been in the public eye for most of my career in broadcasting and has relied on social media to build a lot of my business digitally, trust me when I say: Not only can you overcome this social media monster, but it’s possible to make it work not only for you but for your business.

In this episode of Comms over Coffee you’ll learn three theories that will help you understand why social media has become the phenomenon it has, and what’s the key that you’ve been missing.


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