Have you ever had something big to share with friends and family but you were freaked out about going public with it? I bet you have.

Because when take a leap of faith with a new business idea, new career, heck even a new partner, it’s transformative. The act of rising and thriving creates positive ripple effects that travel far and wide.

However, communicating that getting to that point is incredibly scary if you feel like things might be out of your control and won’t be ‘perfect’. In our minds we can control how people will react, think about responses or come up with a million scenarios. When we let our minds wonder, fear can creep in. 

That’s why I’m excited to dive into this conversation today on Comms over coffee. You’ll learn why:

  • Why fear and perfection play on the same human response 
  • It’s not the event of failing, but your response to it that matters.
  • How to go about ‘fear-setting’
  • What it means to harness a growth mindset
  • Why staying in your comfort zone is doing you more harm than good 


So, I’d love to hear about the last time you felt perfection paralysis and what you did to overcome it? What kind of outcome was achieved from pushing through the fear and living your best life?

Leave a comment below and let us know.

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